EAPN England

EAPN England is a voluntary network that works to build the voices from the grassroots in order to influence poverty at an EU decision-making level. It was established in 1990 and works as part of the EAPN UK liaison group. It is also involved in a number of EAPN working groups.

We inform members about European social policy and the affect it has on our lives.

We support people with experience of poverty and exclusion to take part in European meetings with ministers and the officials who write both European and national policies.

In Europe we are involved as active members of EAPN and our England members belong to EAPN's working groups on Social Inclusion and Migration Working Group.

EAPN members can be individual activists, local grassroots groups or larger organisations that support smaller groups in their area.

The UK liaison group is made up of networks in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.