European Minimum Income Network community volunteers in Leicester

About EMIN...

As a follow up to EMIN1 in 2013-2014, EAPN UK is involved in delivering the second phase of the European Minimum Income Network, EMIN2, for the period 2017-2018.


The aim of EMIN 2 project is the progressive realisation of the right to adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes for people of working age.

What are Minimum Income Schemes?

Minimum Income Schemes are defined as income support schemes which provide a safety net for those, whether in or out of work, that have insufficient means of financial support and are not eligible for insurance based social benefits or whose entitlements to these have expired. They are last resort schemes, which are intended to ensure a minimum standard of living for the concerned individuals and their dependents.

EMIN2 is tasked with:

  • Strengthening the EMIN Networks and networking at EU and National Levels
  • Building awareness that adequate and accessible incomes are not only good for the people who directly benefit but also for the whole of society
  • Ensuring progress through engaging in relevant policy debates and initiatives at EU and National levels

 Current stage of EMIN2 activities

The next phase of the project is preparations for and arrival of the European Bus in Leicester from Ireland, on 22nd of May. It involves 2 Buses departing Brusse on 24 April, covering 32 Countries over 64 days and taking in over 120 programmes.    

The 2 EMIN busses are travelling across Europe to build and show support for Guaranteed MIS, to gather and support people aiming for Social Europe. The Bus will depart Leicester on 23 May.

Other activities in May include series of Roundtables and workshops - see the event calendar for more on these activities.